MATHIA (born Mathia-Mathithiah Gavriel in Israel, Tel Aviv on January 14, 1986) is a jewish singer, songwriter and performer currently living in Berlin. He has travelled the the world making music, and has lived in different countries & cities such as: Israel, Germany, London, LA and NY.

MATHIA started playing and performing music from an early age, and has been involved in several bands and projects.

He can be loud, quiet, happy or melancholic, play with a full band or catch the audience all by himself, only with a piano or an acoustic guitar.

Professionally playing music since the age of 13 he has worked with talented people from the industry all over the world producing various kinds of music for artists, commercials and movies.


Finally MATHIA decided that it was to time to work on the music he felt inside as an artist and bring it to a higher level.

After producing and writing his forthcoming debut album on Warner Music, MATHIA is looking forward to performing his orginal songs and moving and touching audiences everywhere he can.

The record is set to be released in 2015, until then you can follow him on facebook and keep up to date about forthcoming gigs and releases.



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Past Shows

23 Mar 2015 MATHIA & Jenny Karr New York City, NYC ( USA ) Rockwood Music Hall Rockwood Music Hall
04 Jan 2015 MATHIA TEL AVIV Florentin 7 --- 10:30PM Florentin 7 --- 10:30PM
06 Nov 2014 MATHIA NEW YORK CITY, USA Rockwood Music Hall --- 10:00PM Rockwood Music Hall --- 10:00PM
24 Oct 2014 MATHIA BERLIN Privatclub Privatclub
10 Oct 2014 MATHIA - Supporting Lewis Watson Berlin Comet Club Comet Club
09 Oct 2014 MATHIA - Supporting Lewis Watson Hamburg Indra Indra
26 Sep 2014 MATHIA Münster TBA TBA
16 Sep 2014 MATHIA Sankt Peter Oerding Beach Motel Beach Motel
13 Sep 2014 MATHIA Bayreuth Oberfrankenhalle Oberfrankenhalle
12 Sep 2014 MATHIA Zwickau Freilichtbühne Freilichtbühne
31 Aug 2014 MATHIA Hamburg Stadtpark Stadtpark
23 Aug 2014 MATHIA Berlin Kindl-Bühne Wuhlheide Kindl-Bühne Wuhlheide
17 Aug 2014 MATHIA Ralswiek Naturbühne Ralswiek Naturbühne Ralswiek
02 Aug 2014 MATHIA Trier Amphitheater Amphitheater
11 Jul 2014 MATHIA Salzgitter Schloss Sadler Schloss Sadler




email: info@mathia-music.com

email: info@mathia-music.com